One morning as I sat at my desk, I spotted a large hawk in the willow tree behind my home. There were two or three small birds, which I believe were sparrows, driving that hawk nuts! He would get comfortably situated and one of them would dive at him, quickly followed by another. The hawk moved three or four times, but those little birds continued to harass him until he took off for parts unknown. As I watched this little drama, I was reminded of the difference between the hawk and the eagle. When the eagle is chased by his enemies, instead of ignoring them or trying to avoid them, he flies straight towards the sun. He has special coverings on his eyes which enable him to look directly at the sun one moment and in the next instant drop his eyes and spot a field mouse far below. He is safe when he heads for the light.

We can relate this example to men and women. Little people – and I do not refer to size – are easily harassed by small incidents in life, bugged by every criticism, and angered at barbs from others. They squirm and become defensive, but this only encourages the barb-throwers to keep after them. Men and women of integrity, however, who are confident within themselves, are not affected by what the “little” people say about them. Like the eagle, they hide from their enemies in the light because they know who they are and what they stand for. They understand that with integrity they have nothing to fear because they have nothing to hide.

Hopefully, the parallel is clear and there’s a lesson there we can learn. Live with integrity, hide in the light and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily